Turn your words into cash

Referring people to UTG is easy and if you can earn money by referring others, then why miss this opportunity?
Turn your words into cash with our referral program just by spreading the word out and driving sales.
Contact us to open an account and join the program.

here’s how it works:

When will I get paid?

When referrals become completed sales.

Do you have any promotional material that I can use?

Absolutely. We have a collection of promotional material that you can use. You’re also welcome to bring your leads to our showroom located in Ottawa.

Who can join the referral program?

Everyone is welcome. However we reserve the right to cancel your account if you abuse or misrepresent our company.

How much can I earn?

There is no limit. For qualified referrals where leads turn into customers you can earn a minimum of $200 if UTG completes the sales or up to 10% commission on new clients should you complete the sales.

Interested in joining the referral program?

Send us an e-mail to info@utgdm.com or call us at the office at 613.695.5550!

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