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Indoor Digital Signage

Whether it’s a dental clinic, office, school, or shopping center, indoor digital signage brings a lot to the business. You can expect immediate boosts in sales, better awareness, higher engagement, and productivity. And the best part: it is much cheaper than any alternative media sources!

Wall - Ceiling Mounted Displays

Plug and play is a digital solution that delivers effective branding exposure. Promote campaigns, advertising, and messaging content in real-time, while converting a formerly static area into a rich, interactive experience for customers. Increase your brand reach and enhance high traffic areas with energy efficient live screen programming, content feeds, and promotions.

Stand Up Digital Displays

UTG Plug and Play Stand-Up Displays are all-in-one units that can be sectioned to hold different content simultaneously. Content upload is in real time or prescheduled. They deliver instant effective ad campaigns for optimal brand creativity and expression.


  • All-in-one system
  • Sleek compact design (no wires, media boxes, laptops, etc.)
  • Commercial graded displays (made of steel – not plastic)
  • Anti-glare technology with 180 degree viewing angle
  • Energy efficient


  • Clients have 100% control of digital displays and content features
  • Enables single screen changes from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection
  • Capability to schedule content in any desired time interval (seconds, minutes, etc…)
  • Capability to customize and structure the design of the screen
  • Extremely user friendly, flexible, and hassle-free

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