Professional-grade LED Video Walls

Expand the possibilities for digital signage. Fully customizable in size, UTG’s dynamic displays fuse together as one, for flawless, vibrant results; our displays and software technologies can be used in a variety of industries, including retail, hospitality, advertising, education, transportation, corporate buildings and they offer flexible arrangements for menu boards in the food industry.  Multi-touch video wall available.

  • Video Wall in control rooms as monitoring solutions, security and surveillance
  • Video Wall in Retail stores behind the Cash Area or Around the Store
  • Video Wall in public facilities, public services, transportation and telecommunications 
  • Video Wall in the Food Industry as Digital Menu Board
  • LCD Matt Finish Video Wall in retail outlets, modern retail, standalone digital signs, interactive displays,  artistic video wall, video wall digital signage
  • Video Wall as Network\Internal Communications Digital Signage
  • Video Wall for hotels and casinos
  • Video Wall for Schools, colleges and universities
  • Video Wall for Healthcare, hospitals, pharmacies and clinics
  • Video Wall for Automotive, in car dealership and sales centers
  • Video Wall for Stadiums and Arenas
  • Video Wall for Airports, bus stations and other transportation
  • Video Wall Digital for Building Directory, Lobby Digital Signage and Office Building Digital Signs


UTG’s video wall is a multi-screen setup tiled together contiguously or overlapped in order to form one large screen. The display panels are made with 700+ nits brightness to create a visually stunning video wall. The displays are easily installed, maintained and managed.

  • Matte finish panel
  • Ultra-narrow bezel as thin as 3.5mm
  • Available in 1080p HD and 4K resolution
  • Variety of sizes and orientation
  • High-brightness 24/7 displays
  • Free-standing or Wall-mounted options
  • Interactive touch option available
  • Custom built mount
  • Simple installation    

Mounting Systems

UTG’s video wall can either be mounted or operate free-standing. Our mounting systems offer a variety of options for different screen sizes, arrangements, orientations or number of displays.

Content Management

  • High-quality video and real-time information feeds
  • Input content from anywhere in the world
  • Control and process data from multiple sources
  • View content in many sizes
  • 24/7 reliability and confidence

Our Services

  • UTG provides 100% expert client care
  • 24hr technical support
  • Unbeatable warranties
  • Quality Products
  • Client intellectual property protection
  • 24hr emergency content management support
  • Professional Graphic Design available to create customized templates tailored to clients’ needs

46″, 55″

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