A high-transparent LED display technology, with ultra-thin features and high permeability

Designed for glass facade at high-end brand locations, UTG’s LED Transparent Curtain not only improves brand image, but also provides an attractive informative visual effect.

Ideal for car dealerships, shopping malls, corporate buildings, nightclubs, airports and more…


  • Sizes vary depending on clients’ needs and pixel pitch
  • Lightweight
  • Full colour HD
  • Up to 90% transparency (Does not affect natural light)
  • Flexible, wrap option, no wires
  • Text, images, or videos
  • Real-time updates
  • Software included
  • High brightness allowing images to be clearly seen
  • Energy efficient
  • Variety of pixel pitch/resolution

Technical configuration and Installation:

Advanced design for simple and quick installation.

No steel structure, saving on installation and maintenance costs.

UTG Digital Media works with you throughout the entire process (technical configuration, production, & installation) to ensure a smooth, successful completion.

Operated by a central PC, walls can simply perform just like a normal but giant video screen, day and/or night. Clients can choose between day brightness and night brightness, while looking like normal facades during the day.

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