An innovation that lights up any party

Give your special event the wow factor it deserves with UTG’s LED Floor, guaranteed to dazzle you and your guests! LED floors are ideal in cutting edge night clubs as dance floors, casinos and car dealerships, staging, runways and more…


  • Sizes is custom made
  • Available in interactive and non interactive options
  • Ultra shock-absorption
  • Elite structured frame for total stabilization
  • All wiring expertly fitted within frame & each
  • LED module
  • LED modules secured to cabinets with magnetic reinforcement
  • LED cabinets snap-in to frame
    100% waterproof

Technical configuration and Installation:

Available in any style and size and customized to client’s needs, UTG’s LED floors are solid and safe and lock together making them extra secure.

UTG Digital Media works with you throughout the entire process (technical configuration, production, & installation) to ensure a smooth, successful completion.

Using our revolutionary software, the floor is controlled through an LED sending box with a computer that can display a classic video, 3D, presentations and more…

LED dance floor market areas

Night Clubs

Car Dealership



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UTG Digital Media’s exclusive LED floor is available internationally to order, customized to clients’ needs, requirements and budget.

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