Alan Wehbe of UTG Digital Media eSAX Testimonial
UTG Digital Media LED Staircase Vegas
Digital Video LED Stairs - Thursday's Bar Montreal

Alan Wehbe, Founder and President at UTG Digital Media talking about his company's advanced cutting-edge technology!

Inaugural LED stairs installed at the Jewel Nightclub, Las Vegas, by Ottawa-based Canadian company UTG Digital Media.

Dynamic LED display on staircase.

UTG Digital Media prepping for eSAX
UTG Digital Media Company Services Presentation Video
Our trailer at the Capital Pride parade on August 21, 2016

UTG #eSAX - The #Entrepreneur Social Advantage Experience 

UTG's innovative displays bring promotions to life!

UTG Digital Media had an awesome time at the Ottawa's Pride Parade. 

Double Sided Digital Sign for Hurst Marina HD
Mobile Devices Charging Station with LED screen
UTG Touch Screen

Another successful installation of a UTG Double-Sided Outdoor Digital Sign. Congrats to Hurst Marina on your new sign!

UTG’s mobile phone charging station is perfect for anywhere from shopping malls, movie theatres to airports. UTG adds this product to its indoor #digital collection to help public venues drive traffic and increase guest satisfaction. 

UTG provides customized Touch Screen digital products made fun to use by kids. What a cool way to keep kids busy in waiting rooms!

UTG LEDStairs JewelLV