Alan Wehbe

Founder & CEO

Alan will make it happen. As he sits behind his desk and screens, engineering and designing, nothing is too complicated and everything has a solution. Alan lives on the edge of dynamics.

Souha Zeineddine

Souha Zeineddine

Executive Assistant

Souha hopped on board UTG as the CEO's assistant and is your to go to person to reach Alan. Souha manages Alan's schedule and fields requests with impeccable professionalism.

An image of Taily Barron - UTG's Receptionist

Taily Barron


Taily is the point of contact for our team. With her professionalism and friendliness, she ensures efficiency allowing us to better serve our clients.

An image of Anton Voytenko

Anton Voytenko

Graphic and Web Designer

Anton is the one behind the creative visual concepts that inform and captivate our customers. Aside from his talent in design, Anton brings to UTG qualities and mindsets highly needed for the digital industry.

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