A. The foundation for successful digital signage content with a high impact is built upon knowing your target audience. We offer graphic design services to help boost your business and to create a beautiful image that reflects your business.

  • Consider your audience: not all target audiences react to content the same way.
  • Location: where will your audience look? This will be the ideal placement for effective digital signage.
  • Design matters: keep it simple, while reinforcing your message and brand.
  • Font choice: avoid hard-to-read script fonts, Comic Sans, and Papyrus. Stick to a clean look with sans serif fonts (i.e. Helvetica) over serif fonts (i.e. Times New Roman).
  • Messaging: tell your audience how your product / service can solve a problem.
  • Call-to-Action: create content that prompts action from your audience (call to win, text to enter, Selfie challenge, etc).
  • Research: what are competitors / other companies doing with their content? What are the latest content trends (visual, audio, etc)?
  • Visualize: enhance your content with info graphics, colours, charts, and / or videos to catch viewers’ attention.
  • Keep it fresh – audiences will not absorb stale content. Keep it relevant and up-to-date.

A. Digital signage is a specialized form of silver casting in which video or multimedia content is displayed for informational, persuasion, or advertising purposes. Popular types of digital signage include LCD and LED to display content such as digital images, video, live programming, media streaming, and information.

Digital signage exists in various shapes and sizes – digital menu boards, retail message boards, stadium billboards, window displays, interactive touch screens, and more. They are often found in public places, restaurants, transportation systems, museums, retail stores, stadiums, hotels, corporate buildings, etc. to provide way finding, exhibitions, marketing, and outdoor advertising.

A. Digital signage and displays have the ability to completely transform your business, eliminating unnecessary printed materials and attracting attention to effective messaging.

The Key Principles of Digital Signage Include:

  • Updates: display class schedules, events, sales and specials, way finding and directories, and more.
  • Alerts: information about security threats, severe weather conditions, traffic situations, fire situations, and other emergencies, etc.
  • Encourage: promote charity drives, fundraising activities, medical missions, student activities, etc.
  • Inspire: community participation, volunteer activities, reward programs, recognitions, stock prices, etc.
  • Spotlight: community and individual achievements, sales and specials, government projects, game statistics, etc.
  • Broadcast: welcome messages, community and government announcements, church ceremonies and activities, etc.

The Top 10 Benefits of Using Digital Signage and Displays:

  1. Effortless delivery and installation.
  2. Delivers real-time live feed programming, current information, and alerts.
  3. Ability to update content from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection.
  4. Reduces both physical and perceived wait times.
  5. Enhances customers’ experience and influences purchasing decisions.
  6. Cost-effective (eliminate recurring advertising costs) and produces fast ROI.
  7. Provides innovative split screen options to effectively display more content.
  8. Interactive displays and content that entertains and engages clients.
  9. Ability to up-sell and promote specialty items with strategic integration.
  10. Energy efficient and more sustainable for the environment.

A. Over a decade of digital ingenuity!

UTG Digital Media specializes in innovative indoor and outdoor digital signage and displays. As a leading brand in Canada, our cutting edge is derived from the fact that UTG proudly designs, develops, and distributes 100% of our quality products. We are committed to providing exceptional products and services to all businesses, big or small. Based in Ottawa, ON, UTG Digital Media has been deriving comprehensive, effective, and exclusive interactive digital solutions to businesses since 2004.

  • All-in-one self-sufficient digital solutions that require no additional equipment (such as computers, media boxes, TVs, etc.);
  • 24 hour technical support and unit updates (if required);
  • Remotely manage display anywhere in the world with an Internet connection;
  • Unprecedented warranties; and
  • Flexible services and products tailored to work for your business.

Have an idea for a digital solution that’s not listed? Contact Us!

There’s next to nothing our creative engineers cannot design.
The possibilities to enhance your business are endless!

A. There are no limitations to the format of content displayed on our screens:

  1. High definition 4k resolution images and video (jpeg, gif, png, etc.)
  2. Real-time weather, traffic, news, stock, and alert feeds
  3. Calendars, time zones, dates
  4. 3D interactive map and way finding
  5. Social media and other various RSS live feeds
  6. Live TV, films, music videos, etc.
  7. Sales, promotions, menus, discounts, and advertising
  8. Interactive directories
  9. Event schedules
  10. PowerPoint presentations
  11. Websites and web pages
  12. Polls, surveys, and contests
  13. And much more!

A. Digital signage and displays can be implemented at a reasonably low cost and provides a high ROI. Our dedicated team of experts work with you to develop a budget that works for everyone.

A complete digital signage system includes the following components:

Customized Hardware

  • All-in-one sleek design (no wires, cables, hook ups, media boxes, laptops, etc.)
  • UTG provides 100% client service care every step of the way, from issuing quotes straight through installation
  • Commercial graded displays (screens are made of steel not plastic)
  • Anti-glare technology with 180° viewing angle
  • Energy efficient
  • 24hr technical support

Interactive Software

  • Clients have 100% control of digital displays and content
  • Make single screen changes or entire network changes from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection
  • Live feed programming (time, weather, bulletins, news, alerts, etc.)
  • Capability to schedule content in any desired interval (by the second, by the minute, as desired)
  • Full ability and freedom to customize the design of the screen, as well as the content featured on the screen
  • Extremely user-friendly and flexible

Unlike other companies, UTG Digital Media includes ALL of components – there are NO hidden or additional fees!

A. Digital signage is proven to increase sales, enhance your brand,
and attract the attention your business deserves.

Several demonstrated successful investment opportunities utilizing
digital signage at your business include:

  1. Central Attraction: use a single digital screen or several together as a video wall to create a centralized store attraction. Run content on latest promotions, feature new products arrivals, deliver details on specific department, live-stream web or video content, and more.
  2. Interactive Displays: engage your customers with touch screens! Deliver interactive content to entertain, inform, and involve customers while simultaneously increasing opportunities to engage and sell.
  3. Product Display Areas: help consumers visualize what they’ll experience or feel with the products you’re selling. By featuring digital signage beside the actual product displays. Envelope customers in a truly theatrical experience.
  4. Big Screen Demos: product demos are fantastic attention grabbers. Through using digital signage you can design and run content on overhead or wall-mounted LED screens to boost product awareness and sales! 
  5. How to Guides: get the message across clearly and succinctly with digital signage. Show your customers a product’s use, advantages, and benefits, and watch as your sales increase.

A. The simple answer is: the choice is 100% up to you (and your business marketing strategy)!

One of the key advantages to UTG’s user-friendly digital signage is the ability to modify content on the screen remotely at ANY time. Depending on your industry, you may choose to update material hourly, daily, weekly, monthly – the options are endless.