pourquoi nous

✓Nous sommes des experts dans le domaine de la signalisation numérique offrant des solutions sur lesquelles les clients peuvent compter.

✓Nous sommes fiers de nos produits et services et tenons notre promesse;

✓ Nous avons un bilan de réussite sans égal, et nous devons notre succès à la satisfaction de nos clients.

Our Mission

Offer a digital experience any kind of business can rely on while delivering cost effective and outstanding digital solutions that improve businesses

Our Vision

To become one of the world’s leading company for digital signage and constantly develop and refine the look and design of our products with the latest hardware and software technologies to deliver continuous improvement, quality and value to our customer.

Years of

Behind utg

Alan Wehbe - Founder of UTG Digital Media

Alan Wehbe

Founder & CEO

Alan will make it happen. As he sits behind his desk and screens, engineering and designing, nothing is too complicated and everything has a solution. Alan lives on the edge of dynamics.

Micha Hage Badr


Micha’s expertise in Marketing Strategies and Operations has enhanced UTG’s position to becoming a leader in digital solutions.


Business Goals and Objectives

Haute qualité

Innovation de produits

Satisfaction des clients

Livraison efficace

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