Indoor Digital Signage

Our Indoor Digital Signage has a lot to offer. Our Ceiling/Wall Mounted LCD Displays are great for digital menus, digital directories, advertising and much more. Our Stand Up Displays work for workplace, events, retail and more.

Indoor Digital Signage Collage
Digital Menus at Ya Habibi
10" to 120"

Ceiling / Wall Mounted Displays

Great as menus, digital directories and information displays!

Plug and play is an indoor digital solution that delivers effective branding exposure. Our wall mounted / ceiling mounted screens let you promote campaigns, advertising, and messaging content in real-time, while converting a formerly static area into a rich, interactive experience for customers. Increase your brand reach and enhance high traffic areas with energy efficient live screen programming, content feeds, and promotions.

UTG's Stand-Up Digital Signage

Ceiling / Wall Mounted Displays

Great for wayfinding, digital directories and advertising screens!

UTG Plug and Play Stand-Up displays are all-in-one units that can be sectioned to hold different content simultaneously. Content upload is in real time or prescheduled. Our Stand Up screens deliver instant effective ad campaigns for optimal brand creativity and expression, an economical alternative to static signage, which needs to be frequently reprinted.