Outdoor Digital Signage by UTG

Outdoor Digital Signage

Whether it’s a dental clinic, office, school, or shopping center, outdoor digital signage brings a lot to the business. You can expect immediate boosts in sales, better awareness, and higher engagement. And the best part: it is much cheaper than any alternative media sources!

UTG’s all-in-one advanced outdoor digital menu box, ultra bright and designed to withstand direct sunlight, allowing you to update your menu remotely from anywhere in the world in real time without any worries about print cost. Made of durable steel casing with tempered glass, this product is 100% weatherproof (withstands -40°C to +50°C temperatures), resistant to vandalism, theft or extreme temperatures.

Outdoor Digital Box Options from UTG
UTG's Transit

Bus / Train Station Display

Improve communication and passengers’ satisfaction and safety in transport areas such as subway, train or bus station, with our advanced digital signage solutions specially designed for the transport industry to provide clear and easy-to-read information about arrivals, departures, baggage, schedules, promotions, safety messages and more.

Our digital solutions are of high quality and allow to effortlessly attract attention by showcasing live screen programming, with content uploaded from anywhere in the world and compatible with any format.

Customized Hardware

  • All-in-one sleek compact design (no wires, cables, hook ups, media boxes, laptops, etc.).
  • Ultra bright panels designed to withstand direct sunlight.
  • Auto-light sensors for optimal brightness in any environment.
  • 100% weatherproof (withstands -40°C to +50°C temperatures).
  • Air filtration system protects against dust, salt air and more.
  • Expert heating and air conditioning system.
  • Durable steel casing with tempered glass.
  • Refined electrical system to regulate & conserve energy.
  • Energy efficient (reduced power consumption).
  • Permanent installation or on wheels for easy mobility.
  • 24 hr technical support available.


  • 100% control of the screens and content featured
  • Enables single screen changes (or entire network changes!) from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection
  • Live feed programming (time, weather, bulletins, news, alerts, etc.) presented in real-time
  • Capability to schedule content in any desired interval (by the second, by the minute, every 5 minutes, etc.)
  • Freedom to unleash imagination & creativity through customization of the design of the screen, as well structure all content featured on the screen
  • Extremely user-friendly, flexible, and hassle-free


Client Care

24 Hour Support

Highest Quality

Full Protection