Outdoor LED Signage

Our Outdoor LED signage products includes LED Pylons, Digital Billboards, LED Stages and a Mobile LED Trailer. UTG’s Outdoor LED signs are an environmentally-friendly marketing approach to eliminate print and communicate messages more effectively while guaranteeing a return on investment through advertising. At UTG, we custom make our LED signs based on clients’ budget and requirements. Ideal for any type of industry, UTG provides any size and resolution, from small signs to large billboards. 

An image of an LED Pylon Sign

LED Pylon Sign

Repurpose your existing outdoor pylon structure with our dynamic LED Pylon and target high traffic areas with vibrant live screen programming, weekly sales, advertising, or local alerts using any format (text, image, or video).

An image of Digital Billboard

Digital Billboard

UTG’s  light weight and slim design LED signs provide a cost effective digital billboard advertising solution with a versatile and easy installation for any type of application or any environment. UTG’s network-controlled digital billboards are made with the highest quality component and materials, providing a longer lifespan and brightness for years. They are built to withstand the harshest climates, high humidity, heat, snow, hail and rain.

An image of Digital Stadium Screen

Stadium / Arena LED Screen

Outdoor and Indoor stadium and arena LED screens customized for sports venues to use as scoreboards, scorecards, perimeter screens with vivid real-time information delivered to large audiences including score updates, brand marketing, emergency alerts, event promotions, sponsor recognition, and more.

An image of LED Stage

LED Stage

At UTG Digital Media we are experts in the field of digital signage with a great ability to design and install any type of customized LED. Users have 100% control of the content featured on the LED stage to allow for remote instant changes.

With an expansive range of pixel pitch (the distance between LEDs), UTG offers the broadest selection of exceptional digital products for all sizes and distances.

An image of Mobile LED Trailer


UTG’s Mobile LED Trailer is versatile and portable, allowing you to change the location of your billboard as you see fit. UTG houses a variety of high quality LED Signs for either purchase or rent, guaranteed to draw in customers, create exposure, and boost revenues.

UTG’s LED products are customized to meet customers’ specific requirements and the Mobile LED Trailer is ideal in high visibility, high traffic areas.

Available for rent!


UTG’s LED displays are custom-made using a combination of modules.

  • High Resolution Full Color RGB LED
  • Wide range of pixel pitch options
  • Custom built sizing
  • High brightness and contrast
  • Plays video, images and text
  • Dual Maintenance Modules for easy access (Remove module from the front without opening cabinet for easy repair or replacement)
  • Built-in light sensor to auto control the sign brightness based on surrounding light (Day/Night).
  • Built-in temperature sensor to measures the outside temperature and humidity.
  • Operational temperature: -50 + 70
  • Resistant to harsh climatic conditions: humidity, extreme temperatures.
  • Wireless/Wired Synchronized/Asynchronized Control System

Content Management Software:

  • Advanced group scheduling
  • Split screen in multiple areas
  • Control multiple displays using one control system
  • Real-time editing with abilities to import graphic images and video files: .gif, .bmp, .png, .avi, .mpeg, .mp4, .flv
  • Editable message frames with multiple layers, transition effects and video filled text feature
  • Full control over volume, brightness and contrast
  • Time and temperature feature




  • Retail
  • Transit
  • Internal Communications
  • Menu Boards
  • Car Dealerships
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Hospitality
  • Food Services
  • Digital Directory

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