Digital Signage for Medical Centers

Whether it’s a large hospital, a small dental practice, a senior living community or private clinic, UTG’s digital displays help enhance the patient and visitor experience.

  • UTG’s Digital signage for medical establishments is an effective solution to improve the way information is disseminated throughout the facility, waiting rooms and lobbies. Digital signage is used to promote new services, sales, and information sharing.
  • UTG’s digital signage platform is easy to use to create, share and manage content that educates and entertains visitors.
  • UTG helps healthcare facilities improve quality of care, reduce perceived wait times, and increase staff productivity.

Various ways to use UTG’s Digital Displays:

  • Display information on screens in real time
  • Set content scheduling and manage content remotely
  • Display interesting and useful content on services and products
  • Security and reliability with passwords and content protection
  • Content management system easy to use and reliable

Various ways to use UTG’s Digital Displays:

  • Digital directories and wayfinding
  • Digital bulletin boards for employees
  • Facility information, social media, opening hours
  • In waiting rooms and lobbies to display engaging information
  • Digital advertising screens to promote products and service
Wall & Ceiling Mounted Displays
Stand-up Displays
Ultra-thin Window Displays
LED Pylons

Hardware & Software features

Regular TVs versus UTG’s Commercial Graded Digital Displays