DIgital signage solutions for restaurants

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Various digital signage solutions for restaurants

In a digital era, restaurants are more and more looking towards indoor and outdoor digital signage to attract customer attention.  At UTG we offer restaurants various products from: digital menu boards, digital drive-thru displays, LED pylons, menu ordering kiosks, outdoor menu boxes, ultra thin window displays and temperature check devices for health and safety.

UTG’s Digital menu boards are winning over static menus for their ability to showcase vivid attractive content, with constant update of information on menu items, promotions and pre-scheduling of breakfast, lunch and dinner menus, making the overall dining experience more engaging.  At UTG, we go beyond providing a satisfactory digital signage solution for restaurants, as we aim for perfection.

Wall & Ceiling Mounted Displays

Stand-up Displays

Outdoor Menu Boards

Drive-Thru Menu Boards

Ordering Kiosks


Ultra-thin Window Displays

LED Pylons