Drive-Thru Digital Menu Boards and Digital Curbside Pickup Screens

UTG Digital Media offers a variety of options for weatherproof outdoor digital menu boards, digital drive-thru menus and digital curbside pickup displays, customizable for your brand, budget and location.

Our drive thru digital signage solutions include and are not limited to: Drive-thru digital menus, digital pickup displays, digital menu boards and outdoor touchscreen displays.  We also provide all required accessories including structures, enclosures, canopies, directional signs, speaker posts, headset systems, to various outdoor digital drive thru menu boards and solutions. 

UTG’s outdoor digital displays and are equipped with ultra-bright panels designed to withstand direct sunlight, and air filtration system protects against dust, salt, air, and more.  Content can be managed remotely, pre-programmed or updated in real time, from anywhere in the world.


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