Secure Mobile Charging Station

A revolutionary mobile charging station that provides mobile-dependent users a convenient and secure way to charge up their mobile device without the need to stick around!

MPoweredbyUTG - Mobile Chsarging Station

Fingerprint Lock

Built with an advanced technology, customers can easily lock and unlock the cabinet where their phones are charging simply by using their fingerprint and make the most of their time elsewhere.

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4 bay

4-bay charging station by utg digital media

8 bay

8-bay charging station by utg digital media

20 bay

Sleek all-in-one design

Fingerprint Technology

Universal Multi-Device Cables

Energy Efficient

Steel Frame

Steel Frame (Not Plastic)

Compatible Text, Image, Flash, Video, and More

Online content management to update content from anywhere in the world

Ethernet, Wi-Fi, 3G, or LTE

No Additional Equipment Required

Simple Instillation