A new LED Sign from UTG Digital Media lights up the pylon of Produce Depot, Carling Ottawa

A new LED Sign from UTG Digital Media lights up the pylon of Produce Depot, Carling Ottawa
Going digital brings any location to the next level by bringing branded messaging to life in the most impactful and efficient way.

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada (January 8, 2019) If you’re driving on Carling Avenue in Ottawa, you can’t help but notice a visually stunning LED sign on a gorgeous looking pylon.

Produce Depot’s new double-sided digital sign from UTG Digital Media was installed and built into a gorgeous pylon designed by Swar Signs. The new LED sign is designed to display clear high-definition pictures and videos. It can also withstand high heat and cold temperatures, from -50 to +70!  Equipped with a light sensor, the screen adjusts its brightness based on any time of the day.

The tight 6mm pixel pitch allows graphics and content to display in a clear bright way. This is uploaded directly from head office through UTG’s advanced, user friendly software!

As the manufacturer, we use the highest quality LEDs and components, and employ the best color and brightness calibration to ensure uniformity and durability”, says Alan Wehbe, Founder and CEO, UTG Digital Media. “Despite the fact that we service worldwide, we are always happy and proud to work with local businesses such as Produce Depot and Swar Signs”, adds Wehbe.

For Mike Swar, Owner, Swar Signs, I worked with other sign companies but I must say that UTG are expert in the field of digital signage and I feel confident working with them on clients’ projects. The fact that they are local also helps a lot as anything we need, UTG team is there!”

With Produce Depot’s location and significant traffic, the new LED sign is an ideal choice. It provides a vibrant way to showcase the store’s products and discounts at any time of the day, while also offering great visual impact and messaging flexibility.  The new LED sign will give the store much more flexibility compared to a regular static sign, with the ability to capture in a very efficient way the attention of ongoing traffic.

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