Church in Casselman goes Digital with a Double Sided Outdoor LED sign by UTG Digital Media

Church in Casselman goes Digital with a Double Sided Outdoor LED sign by UTG Digital Media
The church’s double sided LED sign has a 10mm pixel pitch (P10) and is 2.1’ high by 5.4’ wide

La Paroisse Catholique Ste-Euphemie de Casselman installs UTG Digital Media LED sign to better engage and improve communication with its community

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada (November 2018) – UTG Digital Media has recently provided a double sided LED sign for La Paroisse Catholique Ste-Euphemie de Casselman. This sign, installed by R&R signs, will give the church the flexibility and ability to access and program the content of their sign from their office at anytime.

“We were looking for a cost effective, and efficient way to convey information to our community, and working with UTG Digital Media has allowed us to meet that goal,” says Father Jonathan Blake.  “By installing this LED sign, we now have the ability to share information like church events, service times, and words for thought without ever having to go outside and change the words manually.

By going digital with UTG, no more trudging out in the snow and rain to change the letters of an old manual sign, or to change printed poster. The LED signs are easy to install, easy to manage and provide many solutions for any place of worship. They allow users to update information from the comfort of their office, hassle free, allowing them to display schedules, display upcoming events and many more, in real time.

We are very happy to work with  R&R signs and provide La Paroisse Catholique Ste-Euphemie de Casselman with a solution that fits their needs”, says Alan Wehbe, Founder and CEO, UTG Digital Media.  “More and more places of worship are looking at Digital technologies to better engage, cut on print and inform with instant communication;  at UTG we offer the best digital solutions to meet clients’ needs and budget.”

Digital signage is a growing international trend, and going digital offers a lot of benefits over standard church signs. From easy updates of dynamic content, to cost-effective and easy communication. Furthermore, studies show that viewers pay more attention to, and remember, digital content more than static, print-based signage.

A variety of UTG’s indoor and outdoor digital products are perfect for any place of worship. For more information about how you could use Digital and LED signs for your church, please call our office at 1-613-695-5550, or visit our website at

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UTG Digital Media (UTG), an International Digital Award winner, develops and provides indoor and outdoor digital signage solutions (LED/LCD) and touch screens proved to deliver engaging result-driven experiences.  UTG is committed to providing flexible services, high quality customized products, and successful business relationships while providing the most advanced digital business solutions. Based in Ottawa, ON, Canada, UTG Digital Media has been delivering cutting-edge digital technology since 2004.

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