A walk into Casa di Moni, a restaurant in the heart of Ottawa’s downtown, at 51 York street, will give you the feel of walking into one of Vegas’ locations. UTG Digital Media digitalized the whole place with top of the line, high quality, high brightness indoor and outdoor digital displays, and LED wall.

UTG Digital Media designed, manufactured, and installed an LED wall, L shaped, to give the Gelato place a chocolate fountain look and feel.  The L Shaped LED wall was custom-made to meet the client’s needs and designed based on the facility type and use of space. The main LED display at the restaurant measures 140” high, and 120” wide in a P3 Pixel Pitch. The screen clearly demonstrates how well it performs even when significant ambient light or sunlight is present.

As well, UTG installed throughout the restaurant all-in-one digital displays over every counter and section of the restaurant.  An outdoor high brightness all-in-one stand up display was also placed on the outside entrance of the restaurant for passersby.

"UTG helped us bring our restaurant into the 21st century with digital menu screens. I was impressed with their comprehensive approach which included strategic overview of our needs, a recommendation and a flawless execution. Their team brought innovation and creativity to our customer service perspective and helped us with design and guidance. The LED wall they built for us is a completely new way of augmenting restaurant experience and highlighting our strengths. Thank you, UTG team, for your support."

“Digital transformation is sweeping over the restaurant Industry” says Alan Wehbe, Founder and CEO, UTG Digital Media. “Restaurant owners are increasingly focused on new tech-enabled opportunities, taking full advantage of the invaluable capabilities of digital solutions to maximize their business profits, and we are happy to be leaders in the field!” continues Wehbe.

About the products:

  • The LED screen is P3 pixel pitch made of die-cast aluminum cabinets.  It was installed in an L shape and mapped to create a chocolate flow from the ceiling down to the ground.  The LED sign is a 120’’ Wide by 140” high.

  • The indoor 43’’ 4K all-in-one digital displays were custom made of steel shell not plastic. The displays do not require any additional equipment such as media players, USB, or computers. They only require power plug and wireless internet access. Content is updated on the displays in real time from anywhere in the world using UTG’s online content management system.

  • A 32’’ Custom-made high brightness Outdoor digital display is made of a steel shell, with built-in an air condition and heating systems to withstand any weather condition (-50 c to +70 c).  The display is placed on wheels to provide easy mobility to wheel it in and out of the restaurant as needed. 

The benefits of Digital Signage in restaurants are unlimited: Opportunity to upsell, reduce turnaround time, enhance the wait experience, custom menus like never before, adhere to strict and evolving nutritional guidelines ( quickly and easily add or remove calories from your signage), ad health and safety messages and measures related to covid19 or any other.  It is the future of the industry!

Do not stay behind. Our experts at UTG Digital Media are ready to help you make the transition to the future of the dining and food service industry.  UTG Digital Media provides stunning Indoor and Outdoor Digital Signage with equally stunning prices. 


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