LCD and LED Video Walls

Fully customizable in size to meet any space requirements, UTG’s dynamic Video Walls fuse together as one, for flawless, vibrant results. Composed of high durable quality panels, our video walls are guaranteed to offer superior visual performance. Ideal for any type of industry, they are perfect in retail, education, hospitality, and even as menu boards in the food industry.

An image of LCD and LED Video Walls

Customized Hardware

  • Ultra thin and narrow bezel of 1.7mm, real seamless with matte finish
  • LCD screen brightness up to 700cd/m2
  • Ultra-high resolution of 1920 × 1080 ~ 4K
  • High reliability and stability
  • 24/7 of continuous operation
  • Highly reliable industrial power supply design, heat flow guide design to ensure stable operation
  • HDMI input with multi-display splitter

Content Management Software

(Optional using UTG’s Media Box)

  • 100% control of the screens and content featured
  • Enables single screen changes (or entire network changes) from
    anywhere in the world with an Internet connection
  • Live feed programming (time, weather, bulletins, news, alerts, etc.)
    presented in real-time
  • Capability to schedule content in any desired interval (by the
    second, by the minute, every 5 minutes, etc.)
  • Freedom to unleash imagination & creativity through
    customization of the design of the screen, as well structure all
    content featured on the screen
  • Extremely user-friendly, flexible, and hassle-free