Frequently Asked Questions About Digital Media Signage Displays

Frequently Asked Questions About Digital Media Signage Displays
Frequently Asked Questions About UTG Digital Media Signage

Here at UTG Digital Media there are some questions that we get asked quite often, so I decided to share with you some of the most popular ones.

The answer is simple. UTG is a leading manufacturer of a unique all-in-one digital solution for digital displays, touch screens and LED signs. We provide the highest quality of digital solutions at competitive prices. We customize our products based on our clients’ needs and budget. Our excellent expertise in the digital industry has earned us the 2017 International Digital Signage Award for our one of a kind LED project in Las Vegas. Of course we know what we are doing!

How can I create effective content for my digital signage?

When it comes to creating effective content, it is based solely on the knowledge of your target audience. Knowing your specific target audience is extremely important for you to reach out to potential customers who are interested in your content, product & services! Here at UTG, we offer expert advice and Graphic Design services to help you create engaging and relevant custom content to reach your potential customers!

How can UTG’s digital products be beneficial for my company?

UTG’s digital signage can completely transform your business by creating a modern ambiance, while engaging your audience with attractive, informative messaging. UTG’s digital displays allow companies to update in real time; alert their customers of important information; encourage them to get involved; inspire customers about products/services/promotions, broadcast relevant information and messages to customers; and even add a spotlight effect on special achievements, events, projects, etc., all while eliminating paper costs! Not to forget the ability to use the screens for advertisements and return on investment. The benefits are limitless.

What type of content can be displayed on my digital signage?

With UTG’s digital signage there are no limits! Our online content management system allows users to import, design and publish content with ease. Add text, shapes, images, videos, websites, weather, events, calendars, advertisements, promotions, restaurant menu, maps and directory, customized feeds and much more!

Was the question you were looking for not listed? Contact us today – we have the answer for you!

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