What happened with McDonald’s Digital Menu Boards won’t happen with our customers, and here is why!

What happened with McDonald’s Digital Menu Boards won’t happen with our customers, and here is why!

When McDonald’s upgrades to digital menu boards many franchisees follow suit. When McDonald’s says it encountered challenges in its transition to digital with communication strategies and content execution, UTG Digital Media says “We got this covered!”

The WHY behind the “What happened with McDonald’s won’t happen with our customers?”

Our indoor menu boards are not TVs, they all-in-one units, plug and play, managed online, single or as a network, from head office. As easy as a click of a button! They go down, we repair remotely or swap for new ones. We always have a solution, in-house.

Today the digital signage industry is in a very high demand. Some of the best television manufactures are providing brand of hardware and technology to meet the needs of the QSR (Quick Service Restaurants) industry.

The fact is, these same manufactures are bringing together components not necessarily their own, to achieve an end result that is creating a conundrum forcing owners of franchises to troubleshoot in real time on their own brand.

The technology that is supposed to make the execution of communication, branding and content management easy for corporations via franchisors is becoming more challenging with TVs, media players, USB etc… and we keep forgetting that restaurant owners and managers are experts in food not IT.

One needs to search not necessarily for the largest TV manufactures but for the professionals and experts in the field of Digital, who can advise and guarantee.

At UTG Digital Media we ARE the experts in digital signage. This is what we do! We design, we custom make, we manufacture indoor and outdoor digital signage for any type of industry. Our products are over manufactured to comply and endure commercial settings.

Let’s make this simple: our job is not swapping TV’s for screens.

At UTG your digital signage needs can be met from the outdoor billboards, pylons, way finding, right to indoor and outdoor menu boards and displays.  Our work is making businesses operate and function using digital media signage, in a simple, easy and energy efficient way.

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