Fast Growth of Digital Signage in Education Market

Fast Growth of Digital Signage in Education Market

According to the latest forecast from Technavio, a technology research and advisory company, there will be an increased adoption of digital signage in educational institutions from 2017 to 2021, by which point the worldwide educational market for digital signage is projected to top US$1.7 billion.

“The adoption of digital signage is becoming a leading factor in any market to effectively enhance the way of communication.  At UTG Digital Media, we have both the expertise and the unique all-in-one technology to perfectly meet the needs of the Education Market”, says Alan Wehbe, Founder and CEO at UTG Digital Media.

UTG’s all-in-one digital signage for Education is an efficient and effective solution to communicate with the students in real time.  Educational establishments can take advantage of UTG’s digital signage as a network for way finding, signage, scheduling and general communication, cafeteria menu boards, safety, security, in libraries and gyms, to increase students’ participation and much more.  UTG’s all-in-one system offers the ability to deliver targeted messages to multiple schools, campuses and establishments with maximum flexibility.  UTG’s experts maintain and manage the system from installation to updating content on 1 screen or 1,000’s centrally, remotely, locally or globally. The displays are equipped with intuitive technology that sends alerts to IT response teams if there are problems.

Go Digital with UTG’s Education all-in-one digital signage network and:

  • catch the easily distracted eyes of students and deliver relevant information through eye-catching, dynamic messaging;
  • share news and details of campus events,  sports updates, important deadlines;
  • convey emergency messages and alerts instantly;
  • steer students and visitors to the right place with way finding capabilities;
  • replace paper waste and printing cost with regularly displayed promotions;
  • generate revenue through advertising income and opportunities;
  • manage content and customize layout remotely with UTG’s advanced software.

UTG is a trusted leader in indoor and outdoor digital signage and winner of the International Digital Signage Award 2017.  UTG is committed to providing flexible services, products, and business relationships while providing the most advanced digital business solutions. Based in Ottawa, Ontario, UTG Digital Media has been delivering cutting-edge digital technology since 2004.

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