UTG Digital Signage for Auto Dealerships – Why, What, How, When?

UTG Digital Signage for Auto Dealerships – Why, What, How, When?
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Just like driving a car, Digital Signage drives sales; and your ROI is guaranteed with a WOW factor impression for you, and for your customers!

Imagine a showroom full of video-walls or digital displays spread out around various areas, displaying videos of vehicles in action, promotions and more… Imagine the engagement your message would get from your customers and the IMPACT.

Compared to posters and static signage, Digital cuts the expenses of constantly printing new posters allowing unlimited, accurate, current content update in real time!

Invest once, save for ever, and say as much as you want in any way you want!

The possibilities for content ideas are limitless and so are the benefits of going Digital! Use the screens for your promotions (such as servicing, oil change, trade-in, accessories); Videos of cars and trucks in action and different advertisements; Information and specifications of vehicles; Interactive Touch Screens to allow your customers to surf your site or view cars in different colours, different models; And much more…


Not sure which digital sign is right for your showroom?

We have a wide range of digital display solutions available. Most of our screens are in our showroom for a hands-on experience. Give us a call to visit.

Customized for every client’s needs, our digital screens come in various sizes, various formats, touch or non touch, with built-in WIFI that allows unlimited content upload, remotely. The only thing required is a power plug.

UTG Digital Media team manages installations and supports every technical aspect.

‘At UTG we provide the most advanced, high definition, reliable digital signage’ says Alan Wehbe, CEO and President, UTG Digital Media. ‘We work directly with our customers to help them create engaging content and understand the value of Digital Signage so they take great advantage of their screens; It is also hassle free for our customers as we take care of it all.’

Once installed, our team monitors the screens for any technical issues 24 hours a day, seven day a week and we are an email away.

Make it part of your marketing plans, and call us today!

At UTG we take pride in providing world-class customer service. We are experts in the fields of Digital signage and Content Management. You can count on our products to drive you sales and return on your investment.


About UTG Digital Media UTG Digital Media specializes in indoor and outdoor digital signage (LED/LCD) and touchscreen proved to deliver engaging result-driven experiences, UTG is committed to providing flexible services, products, and business relationships while providing the most advanced digital business solutions. Based in Ottawa, ON, Canada, UTG Digital Media has been delivering cutting-edge digital technology since 2004.

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