Should you use a Projector, or an LED Wall at your next event?

Should you use a Projector, or an LED Wall at your next event?
Projector brightness versus LED wall

Ever wondered about the difference between an LED screen and a Projector?

There is no doubt that Digital Signage is the way businesses are going these days. Not only because going Digital cuts on print cost (although that is a great value ad right there), but Digital is sexy, and very easy to engage with any type of audience.

But what about projectors?  Don’t they do the same job?

The answer is simply no… Does a candle do the same job as a light bulb?

Compared to projectors, LED walls offer a brighter, more economical, flexible, and reliable platform.


The brightness that LED panels provide is making them the top choice in conferences, trade shows, and various events. Of course, the quality of the image also depends on the quality on the pixel pitch of the LED panel. As an expert in digital signage and LED wall, I would advise on the pixel pitch of any LED screen depending on the distance between the screen and the viewer, the budget of the customer, and their preference.


Projector light is measured in LUX which is the measurement of reflected light.  LED light is measured in NIT, which is the measurement of direct light.

3.426 LUX = 1 NIT à This simply means that a NIT is much brighter than a LUX.


One drawback to projectors that affect their ability to display clear, crisp images is that many are still on Standard Definition mode (SD). LED walls support High Definition (HD) videos or images for a longer term, with higher efficiency, higher contrast and higher brightness.

Unlike projectors, ambient light does not affect the view ability of an image on an LED wall.


Projectors have one configuration option while LED’s configuration options are unlimited. LED walls are modular, flexible, mobile and customizable offering a higher life spam.

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