Will you marry me?

Will you marry me?

Share any personalized message on UTG’s Mobile Double Sided LED Trailer!

Stumped on how to pop the question? Check this cute, amazing and creative marriage proposal idea! 

Nothing can beat the originality and impact of our Mobile Double Sided LED Trailer to pass on your message; In fact, this is one of the most romantic ways to propose!

In particular, we know that it can be an extreme nerve-wracking to plan a wedding proposal, especially if you are looking to make it one memorable one.  At UTG,  we’ve got your back and we are ready to help you put together a super unique surprise with our LED Trailer. 

In fact, the best proposal ideas are those that can capture the couple’s relationship. Therefore, why not go the extra mile to make the moment even more memorable? For instance, our LED screen ca display any personalized messages, photos, videos, and plays music (your favorite songs)!!  Furthermore, you can even add a custom proposal “song”,  or record an unexpected proposal voice sound!!

Hire UTG to spell out your proposal for your special one and everyone around to see and know that it’s going to be the best and most creative proposal ever!

Any personalized messages…

In addition to marriage proposals, our LED trailer can display any special messages that will capture attention and have a great impact.  Truly, you can convey personalized messages for all sorts of events. For example, anything from simple wishes or sayings like “Happy Birthday”, “I Love You”, “I am Sorry”, “Forgive Me” or “Happy Anniversary?” are turned into stunning graphics that are bound to have a special effect on recipients.

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Rental packages can be found here. We also offer custom packages based on your budget and requirements.

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