How to Make Your Next Event Pop With UTG’s All in One Stand-Up Display Rentals

How to Make Your Next Event Pop With UTG’s All in One Stand-Up Display Rentals

Planning an event?  Why not add high-quality, high impact signage at affordable rates? 

UTG’s Stand-Up and Freestanding displays are ideal for rental!

Successful events are filled with entertainment, eye-catching features and interactive content. Be it a private, public or corporate event, creating interest and excitement are key to making a lasting impact, and static signage can only do so much.

That’s where UTG comes in.

Our Stand-Up and Freestanding Display rentals offer a cost-effective, modern and environmentally friendly way to pack a punch with your visual content. Plus, with award-winning experience and customer service, the UTG team is here to provide exceptional delivery, programming and pick-up services.

UTG’s Stand Up Displays are an easy way to transform your next event into a showstopper!!

With a user friendly, all in one system, UTG’s sleek screens can be customized to fit your specific event and deliver creative and interactive content to your audience, featuring real time and prescheduled updating capabilities!  The opportunities for amazing visuals are endless.

This versatility makes stand-up displays perfect for any kind of event: weddings, trade shows, fundraisers, you name it!

Shuffle through sponsors, create a digital guest book, create a moving slideshow and more. With digital LCD displays, your event is sure to pop. 

UTG has several stand-up display options for rental, including:

–      43” Free Standing Display
–      55” Free Standing Display
–      22” Shelved Display

At UTG we can help you create an impact for your next event with our high-quality, affordable Stand-Up and Freestanding display rentals.  All our screens are available in our showroom to see and try!

For more information on UTG’s rental options, click here.

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