UTG Digital Media Deploys Digital Signage at the University of Waterloo

UTG Digital Media Deploys Digital Signage at the University of Waterloo

[Ottawa] September 8, 2016 – Canadian digital signage company UTG Digital Media has deployed digital menu boards at the University of Waterloo, in various food service locations. Expansion plans are in the works.

UTG’s advanced 32″ and 42″ LED displays will be viewed by thousands of people at the university per month, playing real-time menu updates, weather, and news. The content loop is customized to suit customers’ needs.

“I have been in the digital business for over 10 years and I am proud to say that UTG continues to bring the most advanced technology to its customer,” said Alan Wehbe, President and CEO at UTG Digital Media. “We are very happy to provide Waterloo University with our sleek all-in-one indoor digital menu boards and we are very confident of their reliability and stability.”

UTG’s indoor digital screens are energy efficient with a 180 degree viewing angle. Built with an anti-glare technology and a steel frame, they don’t require any additional equipment. An online-based content management allows content to be uploaded in real time via Ethernet, Wi-Fi, 3G, or LTE.

“We’ve done research for LED displays to replace the TVs we had previously installed and when we found UTG Digital Media, we were impressed by their advanced technology” said the University’s food services department. “UTG’s solution is what we were looking for; their screens were easy to install, easy to operate, offering excellent brightness and image quality!”

About UTG:

UTG Digital Media specializes in dynamic indoor and outdoor digital signage and displays. As a leading brand in Canada, UTG proudly designs, develops, and distributes 100% of its quality products worldwide. Based in Ottawa, ON, UTG Digital Media has been delivering comprehensive, effective, and exclusive interactive digital solutions to businesses worldwide since 2004.