A Word from a Lady Partner in Technology and Innovation on International Women’s Day

A Word from a Lady Partner in Technology and Innovation on International Women’s Day
Micha Hage Badr - Business Partner at UTG Digital Media

“ We need more women leading, founding, investing and managing businesses!!”

As a lady partner and investor in UTG Digital Media (UTG), a digital signage company with advanced technology and innovation, Micha Hage-Badr was faced with many challenges. However, that did not stop her! Developing innovative solutions to match today’s high demand for technology was a challenge Micha was excited to part take in.

Despite adversity, Micha kept reminding herself that women are intelligent, creative and driven. Women make things happen, and women are inspiration. Micha’s sisters, who are both extremely successful in their fields, inspired her to become the thriving business woman that she is today.

Using her background and expertise in communication and marketing, and of course her passion for technology, Micha invested in UTG. At first she helped the company with brand positioning by putting her company’s technology in front of influencers and niche markets. Now, she continues to promote UTG products and trains the workforce of UTG to help the company grow and prosper.

Micha is also a Senior Communication Advisor at the Government of Canada. She draws her everyday inspiration from her communication team which is led by successful women who make things happen!

Micha hopes to inspire other business women, specially in the field of technology, to pursue their career goals without fear, and with strength.

“Women that retain a leadership role in any company, yield high returns.” Says Micha “Investing in a male-dominated technology culture was a huge (successful) step for me that I encourage every woman to make.”

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