UTG Installs The First of its Kind Outdoor Battery Powered Digital Display in New York City

UTG Installs The First of its Kind Outdoor Battery Powered Digital Display in New York City
UTG's Outdoor Battery Powered Digital Display outside of Wagamama's restaurant in New York, New York

After the major success of its unique staircase LED project in Las Vegas, UTG goes to New York to deliver on another one of a kind outdoor project!

New York, New York (February 4, 2019) – UTG Digital Media, an Ottawa, Canada based leader in indoor and outdoor digital displays and LED signage, just installed the first of its kind, an Outdoor Battery Powered Digital Display at Wagamama restaurant and pub, located on 5th avenue, in New York City.

Weatherproof and waterproof, UTG’s battery powered sun-bright outdoor display will operate for 14+ hours straight, cord free, hassle free.  Equipped with wheels, the display can easily be repositioned.

Our client was looking for a simple solution to roll in and out their restaurant a digital display, without the hassle of running power cables to the outside, so we worked with their needs!” Says Alan Wehbe, Founder and CEO, UTG Digital Media. “Equipped with safe rechargeable lithium ion battery that is able to handle high brightness panel, air condition and heating systems, the outdoor display will work all day and recharge overnight,” explains Wehbe.

UTG’s unique all-in-one system does not require any extra equipment such as computers, USB keys or media players to upload content.  Content on the display can be managed easily, hassle free.  With a wireless internet connection,  users can update information on their display 24/7, from anywhere the world.

UTG’s Outdoor Battery Powered Digital Displays are built with high brightness panels, air condition and heating system to withstand -40ºC to +50ºC temperatures.  A hydrophobic air filtration system keeps out dust and particulate matter, and a light sensor allows automatic dimming.  An electrical panel is built inside each unit,  using approximately 300watts of electricity.  A rear service door allows easy access to the battery.

UTG’s unique Battery Powered Outdoor Displays are ideal on sidewalks for any type of market.  Available as single-sided, double-sided and in different sizes, the displays can be custom branded to meet the look and feel of any business.

The batteries have safety certifications, and are approved for cross border shipping.

To learn more, visit www.utgdm.com

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