Digital Signage: Saving Your Money and the Planet!

Digital Signage: Saving Your Money and the Planet!
Going Green With Digital Signage

Digital Signage Saves Money!

It isn’t just about saving the planet, but also about saving you money!
Going Green with Digital Signage decreases costs and increases sales

  1. Reduce paper needs
  2. Update graphics as often as you need

It is just as simple as that!

Digital Signs reduce paper consumption and printing while allowing as many messages to display as often as required. Many organizations are looking at ways to reduce paper cost and communicate their messages in an engaging efficient way. You would be surprised how much your business would be saving if converting static paper signage to UTG Digital Media! Look at this:

  • UTG Digital Displays can replace a static menu board at a restaurant and allow content update in real time without the hassle to re-print in case of menu mistakes, updates or changes; without forgetting up-selling and daily featured items… all print free, with a press of a button.
  • UTG Digital posters can replace static posters at events, venues and conferences allowing unlimited content, ads for sponsors, advertisement space sales and more… Imagine the possibilities and the ROI! You don’t want to buy, you can rent! UTG Digital Media has a wide variety of screens available for rent in their show room.
  • UTG LED screen can replace a large promotional poster at casinos or hotels! You know those huge posters on the wall that need to be changed monthly or weekly if not more often? Well with UTG LED screen or UTG Video Wall, that hassle is no more, and printing costs are gone! You can rent those too!!
  • I can list a lot of other examples… and I will in my other blogs to follow… I just love this technology! The benefits are limitless… especially our products at UTG Digital Media: Quality, quality, quality!

Just imagine the long term savings!

Our experts are ready to chat with you about how digital signage can benefit your bottom line and assist you with your green efforts! Browse through our website or call us at 1-613-695-5550.

Looking forward to exploring a Greener business with you!

Your blogger at UTG!

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